We believe in service and prompt  response to solving legal issues, on behalf of our clients, in the most cost effective manner.


Commercial & Investment


We render professional services in a wide range of areas, from company formation, mergers and acquisitions, re-constructions to negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts as well as in various aspects of company activities. These include asset purchases, sales, leases, agency, distributorship and other contracts relating to operation of business, capital raising, venture capital transactions, preparation and periodic disclosure of materials for filing with security and exchange commission, preparation of proxy, consultation with individual and institutional investors on security law matters, stocks dividend policy and share repurchases.
We are particularly active in advising and assisting clients locally and internationally in joint venture arrangements towards setting up and investing in any business in Nigeria. We give legal advice to our foreign clients proposing to establish investments in Nigeria and further carry out the legal work required to establish such companies.
We also obtain all local, state and federal approvals and consents for such companies on behalf of our foreign clients ensuring compliance with Nigerians laws, rules and regulations.
We also render legal services on tax laws in Nigeria particularly on tax incentives and benefits to prospective foreign investors

Banking & Corporate


We render legal advice in banking transactions, savings and loans associations and represent banks and individuals in negotiation, structuring, drafting, documenting and closing of variety of loans including real estate acquisition loans, construction loans(project finance), lease transactions, debt instruments drafting and documentation, rescheduling, commercial lines of credit, company acquisition loans, and securitization of bank loans.
We also render legal advice on loan syndication arrangement, foreign currency payments and deposits, international money transfers, agreements regarding payment and financing of international trade, international lending and international foreign exchange transactions.

Copy rights, Trade marks

& Patents

Copy Rights, Trade Marks & Patents
We are actively involved in representing clients by acting as Agents in all their trademarks and patents business in Nigeria.
We are also involved in registration, protection use and enforcement of trademarks, patents, manufacturing and distribution agreements in Nigeria.

Real Estate


We render services in matters relating to searches on properties, leases, assignments, mortgages and other forms of legal conveyance.
Our services include but not limited to engrossing agreements for sale and lease of real property, obtaining government consent for such alienation and perfecting same and rendering legal opinion on various aspects of property law.

Aviation Law


We render legal advice and represent prospective clients intending to go into airline operation by procuring Air Operating Permits, licenses and other required approvals from the appropriate Authorities in Nigeria.
Our services include but not limited to drafting contracts for the purchase of operating aircrafts (i.e) wet lease, dry lease, lease purchase, outright purchase, but also advising on laws, rules and regulations governing civil aviation, insurance claims and adjustments in local or international air collusion.

Litigation Law


We have an active litigation department. We represent clients in both trial and appellate courts of law in all commercial litigation, various oil and gas pollution and admiralty claims. This include but not limited to investigating and determining the validity of claims or potential claims on behalf of clients, debt recovery, land disputes, arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Probate Law


We advice our clients on Nigerian Probate Laws; obtaining the requisite letters of administration for deceased persons and occasionally acting as trustees in the administration of estates or private charitable foundations.


Oil & Gas


We render legal advice to a few oil companies and a host of oil service companies. This advice includes rendering legal opinion on the title negotiation and drafting of specific lease contracts, operating agreement, farm-out agreement, oil and gas environmental matters and product purchase agreement and on the rules and regulations governing the oil and gas sector in Nigeria.

Information & Communication


We render Legal services in matters and businesses on information and communication technology sector.
We advice on acquisition of operating licenses and renewals for service providers from the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC).
We render legal opinions and advice regarding investments in Nigeria and channel investors into the Nigerian market for the provision and supply of communication services, equipment and facilities.
We draft inter-connectivity agreements. We also advise communication companies on license conditions with a view to making sure that they do not contravene the Nigerian laws. We render advice to our clients on government’s general policies, plans and programmes for the communication industry.

We generally represent our Clients engaged in information and communication technology in negotiations, structuring, drafting, documenting and closing of agreements including but not limited to joint operational agreements, mergers, takeovers, service agreements etc.



We have reliable contacts and a strong network in the Nigerian Government and its various Agencies and parastatals. We are therefore able to provide subsidiary services in Ports, Police, Customs, Immigration (work permits, expatriate quota etc.) and in other executive arms of government.